Feb 29, 2012

You're really Bad Boys, Big Bang.

Today's Wednesday. What's wrong with it? Nothing. I just want to make all my Wednesdays as days to speak in English. So, starting from this Wednesday, I will speak in English even if I have to buy food or drinks. I actually want to improve my English because I think after I finished my studies at Matriculation and entered this University, my English becomes worse. There are no real English classes here. And then I think this is my opportunity to make my English better.

Yesterday's schedule was not very tight. Just Germany class from 8 a.m. until 10 a.m.. But there are a lot of homeworks that must I do. Sometimes I feel a kind of stress. But I have to continue my studies in order to go to German you know. And I really hope that I can go to German with my classmates.

After finished my German homeworks at night, I searched Kpop portals and found a kind of interesting news. Big Bang has just released their new MV titled Bad Boy!

I like Daesung's haistyle.

p/s: what do you think guys? Do you love it? I like Blue MV[link] the most.


Lollifarah said...

aku rase Daesung Daesung makin handsome dan suare die makin best..yang lain,aku tak suke sangat..pulangkan Taeyang aku yang dulu huhu..

K O R I E said...

wah, typing london bukan main yea..
huhu ;)

MV bad boy kureng sikit kul nk dibandingkan dgn Mv blue kan?. suka mv blue lg.